We all have home videos. They might be from five years ago or fifty years ago. Whatever the background, the story is often the same: you have not watched (or been able to watch) the cine film, VHS or camcorder tapes in years. Lemongrove Productions can take all your footage and create your digital archive.

Using the best industry equipment, we will put all your footage into chronological order, digitise it and return it to you on a portable hard drive that becomes your personal digital archive. This will allow you to watch, edit and burn copies of your films at home. We can also transfer footage to DVD but strongly recommend that all clients also have their work backed up on a hard drive as DVDs, like VHS before them will not be around forever.


Transfers from tapes and discs cost £20 per hour of footage.

We only charge you for the tape you have actually used so if you have three tapes with 20 minutes on each the cost to transfer is £20

Cine film costs £11 per 50ft to transfer

A brand new, fully formatted digital hard drive costs £70. 

You are welcome to provide your own but we ask that it is blank.