Q What are your prices?


Transferring footage from tapes into a digital format costs £20 per hour of footage.

We charge by the hour of footage rather than by tape as often clients have not filled each tape.

Cine film costs £12 per 50ft to transfer.

A portable hard drive to store all your films on costs £70.

You are welcome to provide us with a hard drive of your choice but we request that it be empty.

We can also transfer all your films on to DVD or blu-ray if required.

We request payment for transfer work upfront.

We charge £90 per edited minute (e.g. a 5 minute film costs £450).

We charge in two installments. 50% on commission. 50% on delivery of the final edit.

We will work with you until you are 100% happy the price does not increase unless you decide to extend the length of your film.

A Family Film Portrait including up to four children costs £1500.

Each biography film is bespoke but prices start from £3000. 
We work to a client’s brief and budget.


– Cost dependent on the number of clips received.
– On average films start from £630 for a seven minute film.


£850 for London based events.
Travel expenses charged if outside London.

Q Where are you based?

We are a family business based in Isleworth, West London. We have a home studio and you are welcome to visit us to discuss your film projects.

Q Where can I see more examples of your work?

Please get in touch as we have lots of examples that clients are happy for us to share.

 How do I get my footage to you?


If you are in London we recommend that you drop the footage in to us, get in touch and we will give you our address and arrange a mutually convenient time.

If you are not able to hand deliver the footage we recommend sending it to us via courier or special delivery. We will ensure that we are in to accept delivery and notify you as soon as it is received.

When we return your completed project we keep a copy on our system until you have safely received both the original tapes and finished project on USB or hard drive.


Whenever possible we will visit you at home to collect your footage and photographs and then return with each draft and the final edit.

If we are not able to visit you at home we recommend that you use a courier or special delivery to send us your footage and photographs. We will ensure that we are at home to receive the delivery and notify you as soon as everything is safely received.

Q How does the editing process work?

Whenever possible we will visit you at home to discuss your ideas for your film and play you some examples of our previous work. This meeting is obligation free and there is no charge for it.

When you commission a film we collect all the footage from you and set a date to return with the first draft.

We use approximately 5 minutes from every hour of footage that you have shot.

We will ask you for a list of music that you would like the film to be edited to or alternatively we can suggest a soundtrack for you based on your musical preferences.

We will license all the music used.

We return to play the first draft and will make a note of any changes you would like made. Alternatively we can upload the drafts to a secure website for you to view at your leisure. This process repeats until you are 100% happy.

Q What are your turnaround times?

We can usually complete transfer work within a couple of weeks.

Please get in touch to discuss turnaround times for editing and filming.

We appreciate as much notice as possible but will always go the extra mile to produce last-minute projects whenever possible.

Q Do you scan photos and slides?

Yes. We charge 50p per slide and from 25p per print for photo scanning.

Other questions?

Please get in touch:

Email: info@lemongroveproductions.com

Phone: 020 8090 3049