Upon opening and watching the family film last night, my very British, wonderfully unemotional husband shed tears! And I think for the first time ever, a present I gave him was described as “amazing”. He was totally overwhelmed.

Carly, Fulham

A complete and utter viewing sensation! So happy!!

Ellie, Wales

Well, what a success that present was! Nonny loved it so much and she cried each time she watched it. She said her greatest regret was not having had a film made of the wedding. Now she has one. She asked me to thank you so much and I too cannot thank you enough for doing such a great job. I will continue to recommend you to everyone I meet.

Fiona, Fulham

The kids have been watching your film over and over again and so have I! It’s brilliant!

Katherine, Parsons Green

Thank you so much for your wonderful gift. It really is special for me to be able to see mother so happy, vibrant and positively girly at her wedding.

Richard, Devon

I wanted the perfect gift for my family and you have delivered it. We have been laughing and crying in equal measure all weekend long. A fantastic film of our family life together that we will cherish forever. Thank you.

David, Chelsea

We loved the video! You have made such a wonderful and special film for us, I was very moved!

Justine, Clapham

I could not believe how you took all our dreary old home videos and created such a beautiful film. Perhaps I’m better with a camera than I thought! A wonderful film full of all our most precious memories. Thank you so much.

Tricia, Hampshire

Thank you so much for sorting my cine film so beautifully. We are just delighted with the DVDs.

Gill, Putney