Who We Are

We are a film production company based in West London who specialise in making films for families.

We dedicate our time to preserving your most precious memories in the most fun, imaginative and beautiful way possible.

Today everyone has a wealth of home video and photographs that they don't know what to do with. We take that family archive and create something really watchable and entertaining.
The result is a beautiful film that captures your family at its best and will be enjoyed and treasured for generations to come.

Founded by broadcast cameraman and editor, Ed Danson and BBC Broadcaster, Rob Walker, we merge 10 years of network television experience with a genuine understanding of family to create the ultimate memory and gift.  Lemongrove Productions is run by husband and wife team Ed and Charlotte Danson.

Your film can be any duration, on any subject, from any occasion. From simple edits to family biographies, we can capture your family at its best.

Home Video Editing


Home Video Editing

These days it is so easy to record every aspect of your life but so often our footage remains on the tape, memory card or smart phone on which it was shot.

Lemongrove Productions can transform your hours of footage in to a bespoke film. Working to a formula of using around 5 minutes of footage from every hour that you have shot, your film will be cut to music of your choice and include titles, photographs and effects where appropriate to bring your footage to life.

We will work with you until you are 100% happy - the price of the project does not increase - and the result is a film that will be treasured now and for generations to come. 
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We all have home videos.  They might be from five years ago or fifty years ago.

Whatever the background, the story is often the same:  you have not watched or been able to watch the cine film, VHS or camcorder tapes in years.

Here at Lemongrove Productions we will take all your footage and, using the best industry equipment, transfer it on to DVD so you can enjoy it once more.

Your digital legacy

We can also give you a hard drive containing a digital file of each tape or reel you give us so you can watch your films on your computer and burn additional DVD copies if you wish.

The hard drive backup option also means that no matter what the future holds for film fortmats, you should never need to have your tapes transferred again and can share your digital legacy with future generations.

Film Portraiture - Filming with your Family


Film Portraiture

Lemongrove Productions specialises in creating broadcast-quality films for families.  From simple interviews to family biographies, we will capture your family at its best and create something beautiful and unique. We like to call our work "film portraiture".
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The Biography Film


The Biography Film

This film uses interviews with friends and family combined with family photos and footage to tell the subject's life story; perfect for birthdays and special occasions. 

Vacation Films


The Vacation Film


Have you ever been on a vacation that was so special you want to relive it all over again?

Now you can.

We take your holiday snaps and camcorder footage to create a bespoke piece for you to enjoy.

Be it a holiday of a lifetime, a honeymoon, or your family's annual trip, we can deliver a film that captures this special time.

Like The Family Film we use titles, effects, fun soundbites and the music of your choice to bring the film to life.


Slow Motion Film - The SlowMo Booth 


SlowMo Booth 

A new product designed to capture your guests at a party, wedding or event in a truly unique way.  A step on from the ever popular photo booths, hugely popular in America but just taking off in the UK.
The Lemongrove team provide props, fancy dress and suggestions for what to do in front of the camera.

A live 50" TV will be provided to instantly play back all your slowmo recordings.

The following day an edited highlights movie, cut to the music of your choice, is uploaded to watch online so that it can be emailed to all your guests.  We will also give you a copy of the film on DVD and an iPad and iPhone version on memory stick to enjoy.